Bonnet Struts – A Clean, Hands-free, and User-Friendly solution for the new normal

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Covid-19 is the prime focal point around which strategies and innovation is revolving these days . This Global Pandemic has changed our world and is forcing us to re-imagine the way we live and re-engineer solutions fit in the ‘new normal’. For every industry, automotive not being an exception, this global pandemic has created a need for the new technologies and solutions which can help us readjust with the “New Normal”. Generally, this has also initiated a plethora of changes in the Automotive industry and how vehicles will be perceived, produced, driven, and interacted with.

Vehicle sales and purchasing dropped significantly during the early days of the Pandemic, mainly due to the fact that people were in lockdown. Due to no production and the disruption in global supply chains, people were reluctant to buy cars during these uncertain times. But now that we are slowly adopting a new normal, consumer sentiment toward owning a new personal vehicle is becoming stronger. This creates a significant need for new technologies, that can give assurance to the consumers that their cars are safe to drive. Along with the global trend towards smart, safe, and connected vehicles, COVID 19 has made ‘touch-free’ an inherent requirement of safety.

Smart, Hands-free, Minimal contact, touch-less are some of the trending words in today’s automotive landscape. Can such technologies also be implemented in our cars, to make them more user-friendly, and improve comfort & convenience to give a better experience to the consumer? IN this article, we will take a look at a technology aimed at reducing the human contact in the process of opening and closing the bonnet of a car.

Introducing Bonnet Struts:

A bonnet strut is a small gas filled strut, that assists during opening of the bonnet, and keeps the bonnet open.

Conventional cars consist of a support rod under the bonnet to hold the bonnet open. This support rod needs to be manually engaged by the user in a slot provided after opening the heavy bonnet to keep if from closing. Once the user is done, he has to manually put the support rod back and close the bonnet. This requires ample use of the Support rod. A Bonnet strut minimizes the use of this support rod and ensures comfortable operation with minimal human contact.

A Bonnet strut eliminates the use of this support rod and ensures comfortable operation with minimal human contact. Once the Bonnet is opened from inside the vehicle, the user simple de-latches the bonnet, and lifts it up slightly. The Bonnet then automatically rises to the top and stays there. To close the bonnet, the user can simply pull it down with a finger and latches it shut. This process ensures that the driver has minimal contact, minimal effort at the end of this operation.

Not only do bonnet struts provide better user experience, their hands-free operation can offer a safer experience for the consumer. Every time you go out, there is a chance your car will come in contact with a number of different surfaces, making it unsafe for you to touch any part of your car. This makes it risky for the consumer to be in contact with his own car as well. Bonnet struts will help in avoiding excessive contact the consumer has with his own vehicle, whilst performing the same function in a more user-friendly way. In a fast-paced world, technologies like these are a strong requirement as they are simple to implement, make operations easy for the consumers and provide a hands-free operation reducing unnecessary contact with the surroundings

Advantages provided by Bonnet Struts:
  • Minimal contact solution in a COVID 19 world
  • High comfort and convenience
  • Simpler to use than conventional bonnet opening
  • Clean hands and clothes
  • Easy to integrate

Rival 4×4 from Russia, is a leader in bonnet struts with supplies to SUVs and vehicles in over 60 countries. Their bonnet struts can be mounted / retrofitted onto the OE fitted points and provide a clean, easy opening and a hands-free operation. Their expertise lies with trucks and SUVs, providing quality components for this segment. Their Bonnet struts, skid plates and other components can be easily fitted by carmakers as an accessory providing the highest level of comfort and ease of implementation.

About Quanzen:

Quanzen, established in 2009, brings global supplier companies with innovative products and technologies to Indian automotive industry. Our supplier-partners are established players in their geographies, supplying to reputed OEMs / Tier 1s, and we help them enter and establish in Indian automotive industry.

Quanzen is part of Global Alliance Automotive (GAA), a network present in 15 countries. We have access to a variety of technologies and products through this network which consists of 180+ international suppliers in the fields of EV, ADAS, Connected mobility, new mobility and more.

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