Elkamet, a German global company, has over 6 decades of experience in producing extruded bottom profiles for car windshields. They are the preferred suppliers to all major car-makers around the world.

The unique configuration of Elkamet bottom-profile provides a RANGE OF BENEFITS:

Reduced Size, Weight And Cost Of The Windshield

  • Elkamet profiles → no overlap with glass → smaller windshield
  • → thinner and smaller glass→ reduced weight and lower costs
  • → eliminate two-component moulded cowl → huge savings on mould and part costs

Enhanced Vehicle Aesthetics And Aerodynamics

  • The cowl gets assembled in line with the windshield resulting in a seamless appearance with enhanced aesthetic appeal.
  • This “flush” design eliminates any overlap between the cowl and windshield, leading to better NVH characteristics.

Improved NCAP Pedestrian Safety Rating.

Wiper blades recede below hood level  hence they are no longer an obstruction on the surface -> better NCAP pedestrian safety score

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