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The number and complexities of car windshield accessories have shot up dramatically over the years. Located in Germany, PMA/TOOLS AG provides solutions to meet these increasingly sophisticated demands. It is a leading aftermarket supplier for windshield glass child parts, fitting tools and accessories for almost all makes and models of cars in the world. PMA/TOOLS AG has over 4000 child parts in its portfolio.
From clips, connectors, cables, fasteners, mouldings, fitting tools and adhesives – PMA/TOOLS AG has them all. Removing and re-fixing a car windshield has never been easier or safer thanks to PMA/TOOLS AG. The company also trains buyers to ensure effective and efficient fitment services.

Trims and Mouldings

  • 3,000 part numbers
  • OE or OE-identical quality

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Tools and adhesives

  • 900 part numbers
  • Focus on health and safety

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  • Rain, light, humidity, solar sensors, etc.
  • ISO-certified
  • In-house development, production and assembly

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  • 500 part numbers
  • Fasteners, spacers, distance blocks, positioning clips, locators, etc.
  • Clips box
  • Sidelight repair kits

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  • Sensor and LDW brackets (plastic)
  • Sensor and mirror brackets (metal)
  • Cable guide brackets

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  • for wiper park heated WS
  • for fully heated WS
  • for PVB heated WS
  • for antenna, TV and GPS

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