Niebling, based in Germany, is the world leader in High pressure forming machines and tools. By inventing the process of Isostatic High Pressure Forming (also called the “Niebling process”), Niebling paved the way for numerous new possibilities for the design and decoration of Automotive interior plastic parts

Ideal machines for 3D film inserts used in FIM/IME processes

  • Ideal to produce parts with Printed Electronics or with conductive structures (e.g. capacitive sensors) and backlighting functions.
  • Can produce components with complex 3D geometries.
  • Best suited to the forming of films with hard coated scratch-resistant surfaces.

Some examples/end applications of parts manufactured by Niebling machines.


3-D dials with through-illumination effect

The manufacture of three-dimensional dials, e.g. for the instrument cluster in a vehicle cockpit, places very high requirements on forming technology. One of the challenges here is the extremely exact positioning of the printing

Functional switches and panels for centre console, overhead console, and steering control

Niebling machines are ideal for production of components requiring high precision in positioning of symbols or graphic motif like button/switches or panels for the purpose of functionality including backlighting.

Multimedia panels with high gloss effect

Automotive manufacturers and suppliers place great value on high quality surfaces. High pressure forming makes it possible to use a coated film material that has excellent resistance to scratches and chemicals.

In-Mold Electronics / Printed Electronics

With the help of touch-sensitive surfaces, designers can remove fixed controls altogether. This feature is made possible by resistive, capacitive, and inductive touch surfaces. With the aid of high pressure forming of conductive films, a capacitive sensor element can be produced that permits the operation of vehicle functions without any mechanical elements whatsoever. The low operating temperature keeps the films from damaging the printed circuits or LEDs.

Decorative interior surfaces

Film inserts used for decorating trims that require precise placements of switches or screens can be easily formed using the Niebling process as there is low material stretching and possibility to use a large material variety including all common plastic films (e.g. PC, PMMA, ABS, PA).

Hubcaps with Chrome finish

Galvanising plastic components is complex and places a burden on the environment. By using decor films with a chromium appearance, this process can be replaced cost-effectively without loss of quality. The Niebling process offers the best prerequisites for the careful forming of metallised films.

Niebling machines provide High Precision, High Repeatability and Low Distortion

  • Very high accuracy and precision ideal for 3D film inserts with high precision of visuals (symbols/numbers).
  • Possibility for Automatization like automatic loading and unloading, cleaning, UV curing and Ionization etc. thereby reducing overall cycle times.
  • Use of High Pressure and Low Temperature gives virtually less distortion.
  • Quick tool change for flexible production with low rejection rates.


Total application engineering solution

  • Niebling along with their partners from the printing, material, and colour technology sectors, support their customers from the initial product idea to serial production, with forming machines and tools


If you are a producer of Interior Automotive components like 3D Dials, Decorative and Functional surfaces, Decorative Panels and Buttons, Printed Electronic Circuits, Niebling gives you total solution in producing high accuracy formed film inserts.

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