India Success Handbook

A Short Handbook

for Foreign Suppliers to Succeed in

the Indian Automotive Market is Here!

No One Wants to Fail! We Understand That!

That’s why in our India Success Handbook, we have answered some of the most crucial questions about the Indian Automotive Market without holding any cards. Planning to enter and grow your business in the automotive market? You will thank yourself for reading this handbook!

Here are a few sample questions from the Handbook :

Why India is a lucrative market for foreign suppliers?

Is Indian market ready for new technologies?

How and where to begin in the Indian Market?

Is localization mandatory in India?

Which are the three main drivers of success in the Indian market?

If Indian customers expect a local support setup – how to arrange it?

What are the challenges for new entrants coming with a technology new to India?

Is there an opportunity to get business from other countries, after securing projects with an OEM in India?

Get Answers to many more key questions about the Indian
Automotive Market at One Place!

Learn from Our Actual Success Stories

Over the years, we have helped a large number of automotive business enter and grow in the Indian market. The handbook also compiles insights and learnings from our long term association with our clients.

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