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A Japanese corporation, O-OKA makes 42 million net-forged gears per annum for its OEM customers worldwide. Their net-forged gears find a variety of applications in transmissions such as manual, semi-automatic, automatic, hybrid, DCT, and EV power-trains. Here are a few of them.

Monoblock gears help reduce the weight and cost of the gearbox

Integrated clutch gear and main speed gear body with recess → compact gear assembly → down-sized gearbox

Worldwide sales of over 10 million pieces of O-Oka Monoblock gears per year.


Up to 30% material saving in O-Oka’s net shaped forging process versus conventional gear machining process


Higher strength of gears due to smooth metal flow in the net-forging process

A new range of net shaped forged gears for EV and HEV

  • Hobbing investment eliminated
  • In internal helical gears, conventional gear cutting needs high investment in broaching cutter. This is totally avoided in OOKA’s net forming technology
  • Integration of 2 separate gears into one possible

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