Key Automotive Engineering & Development trends in India
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An important Safety device in any vehicle – Seat Belt Reminders for rear seats

Seat Belt Reminders are a vital feature and a necessity in all vehicles for Front as well as for the Rear seat Passengers.

E-Mobility Business Opportunities in India

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Lucrative Business Opportunities for EV Suppliers

An overview of some interesting Business opportunities for Suppliers of EVs in the Indian market:

How can Work From Home be made more effective?

Work from Home is set to be the norm for the foreseeable future even after the Coronavirus crisis is over.. Watch the video to know more about how to overcome some of the work from home challenges!text Description text Description text Description text

Impact of coronavirus on the auto industry

A look at the coronavirus impact on the automotive industry and what response strategies OEMs and suppliers should be considering.

Revival Strategy post COVID-19

Companies where the leadership starts planning about revival & rebound strategy even during survival mode, succeed and thrive well in the long term after the crisis is eventually over.

Endgame of China Dependence

Automotive OEMs and suppliers are already planning either to move out of China or diversify their supply chains to reduce their dependence on China..

IEE Smart Trunk Opener – Minimizing Surface Contact

The Smart Trunk Opener is a system which lets the user open the trunk of the vehicle, by a foot gesture below the rear bumper.

An Innovative Bottom Windshield Profile

The Innovative Windshield Profile from Elkamet that provides Light-Weighting, Aesthetics, Cost Competitiveness and Safety

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