“India Market Support to global Automotive Companies”
Innovative Green Safe

IEE, based in Luxembourg, is a world leader in automotive sensing systems designed to improve passenger safety and comfort.  A reputed supplier to over 80 car-makers from around the world, IEE has over 200 patents. Here’s a glimpse of some of its products.

Occupant Detection sensor for Seat Belt Reminder

  • Triggers a warning to fasten the seat belt for an occupied seat
  • Meets India’s safety regulation and improves worldwide NCAP rating
  • A wide range of designs meets customer specifications with a high level of precision
  • Solutions available for passenger, commercial and off-highway vehicles
  • Engineered for applications in front and rear seats

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Driver Presence Detection

  • Provides information about driver presence to improve system robustness
  • Supports engine start-stop, electronic parking brake, adaptive cruise control, attention assist and other automatically commanded steering functions.
  • Helps meet minimum requirements of UNECE R-79

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 Smart Trunk Opener

  • Provides automatic, hands-free access to a vehicle’s trunk in combination with keyless entry function.
  • Offers convenience when stowing numerous, large items
  • Prevents abuse cases
  • Customizable for non-motorized boot

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Hands Off Detection for ADAS

  • Innovatively designed capacitive sensor with faster response
  • Reliable detection of driver’s hands on/off the steering wheel to support advanced driver assistance system
  • First capacitive HOD system on the market with proven field experience globally

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 EV Battery Component

Replace wire harness or a flex-PCB with a single, robust, thin and light-weight foil for any lithium-ion battery pack

  • Weight and space reduction
  • One large, easy-to-handle part replaces several bulky parts, simplifying assembly
  • PET substrate with printed silver lines provides significant cost reduction versus PI/copper-based flex PCB
  • SMD components directly connect to foil, for example, fuses or NTC temperature sensors
  • Thin foils fit in between cells, instead of fitting to the side or the top. It can also be supplied with adhesive, to enable glueing directly to a busbar
  • Multi-pin, foil crimp connections as per customer requirements
  • Can handle balancing a current of up to few hundred milliamperes
  • Sensors: Temperature, voltage, humidity, liquid and pressure

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Design Example: Cell Tap Connection with SMD components

Design Example: Busbar temperature sensor (cylindrical cells)

A Global leader in innovative sensing solutions
• An established supplier of automotive sensing solutions for more than 25 years.
• A wide range of products from occupant detection systems and smart trunk openers to EV battery sensors and hands-off detection.
• Over 300 million vehicles worldwide are equipped with IEE’s state-of-the-art technologies.