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Quanzen team members have decades of experience in the Indian market, strategizing a highly successful go-to-market plan, comprising of a winning mix of product-price-target market and positioning.

We now utilise this expertise for supporting our global supplier-partners – in testing and deeply assessing the Indian market within 3-6 months through our “Assessment” programme.

Assessment Programme of 3-6 months covers:

  • Make initial contact with appropriate persons at target Indian customers to introduce the supplier partner’s products
  • Conduct face-to-face meetings with short-listed customers to make a detailed presentation and discuss their interests, queries and expectations.
  • Update the supplier partner from time-to-time, and arrange an appropriate response to the customers.
  • Arrange meetings with selected companies at the end of this period for the supplier partner to meet during their visit.
  • Assist supplier partner with advice, recommendations and submittals.

At the end of this Assessment Programme, our supplier partner obtains an in-depth understanding of his target customers and segments through actual interactions with key persons at the customer’s organisation. We also would have effectively positioned our supplier partner at the target customers. Most importantly, you would have tested and assessed the market smartly and efficiently. This process would pave the way for your “India Market Entry” initiative with maximum success at minimum risk.

We support you in devising your go-to-market strategy and plan based on the outcome and learning from the Assessment programme.




Once you are ready to launch, we develop a sustainable, focused business development programme in consultation with you. We then engage our market expert team to execute the plan. This covers:

  • Prospecting
  • Enquiry management
  • Techno-commercial discussions for order finalisation
  • Market intelligence and competitive benchmarking
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Forecasting and scheduling
  • Logistics coordination
  • Receivables management

Our highly trained and experienced salesforce will be working for you right away, growing your sales effectively at competitive costs. We would also build your brand in India and foster strong customer relationships through our Key Account management.




During the product development phase, customers expect a quick response and face-to-face interactions.  Since suppliers are located far away from India, this kind of interaction becomes difficult. Our highly experienced programme managers can support you by:

  • Understanding each customer’s development process and requirements and communicating it to you
  • Programme management support, attending relevant meetings and calls, and support in the resolution of issues throughout the development phase
  • Ensuring good communication flow between your engineering teams and the OEM/Tier-1 development teams

This set-up will help you ensure customer satisfaction during the product development process despite your distance from the market.




The speed of response to any quality issues will be an essential factor in good vendor rating, resulting in repeat business. To ensure effective response, you need a local resource. Our experienced quality engineers can support you by:

  • Visiting and providing a “First Information” report with an initial assessment
  • Coordination for 8D activities
  • Hiring and supervision of sorting, and reworking services and disposal management
  • Attending quality meetings and managing relevant documentation

This support will help you resolve quality issues promptly and effectively in spite of your operations and quality headquarters being located in a different time zone.




Usually, you would have to set up a local entity and make a significant investment in infrastructure for localisation in India. However, we offer localisation support with a variety of tailor-made options. This offering makes upfront high-investment with a local entity unnecessary.   These include options such as Joint Ventures, Technical collaboration, Licensing, and Contract Manufacturing, for which we can carry out partner search and mediation, as well as support in execution.


“India Market Support to global Automotive Companies”

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