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All global companies who are highly successful in Indian market, realised quite early that Indian market needs a product specifically made for its needs and at a price point which is right for this market. Other companies who tried to impose on the Indian customer, products developed for other markets, failed invariably.

Quanzen team members have decades of experience in their career with global supplier companies, in India market assessment and thereby strategizing a highly successful Go To Market plan comprising of a winning mix of Product-Price-Target Market & Positioning.

We now utilise this collective expertise & experience of our leadership team, in supporting you – our global supplier clients – in testing & assessing the Indian market in an in depth yet an efficient & quick manner.

There are two unique programmes for India market assessment & testing, that Quanzen has developed for our global clients:



Pro-Active & Proficient Prospecting Visit

If you are a company in its initial phase of India market development, planning your first or very initial visit to India, you may be riddled with questions like – will I be able to meet the right people at the right companies, will I get the right information from the people in these short initial meetings, will I be able to convey the right message, will I get sufficient insights to get a proper feel about the Indian market and so on….

Pro-Visit is a smart & practical approach designed by Quanzen to address all of your concerns & questions through

  • Overall pre-work by us over 8 weeks before your visit
  • Well thought out & meticulous planning
  • Precisely identified prospects and decision makers therein
  • Face to face pre-meetings by Quanzen with all prospects with feedback & updates to you
  • Efficiently planned & scheduled meetings across the country
  • Senior & experienced expert from Quanzen to accompany & support you during each meeting

Pro-Visit programme ensures that your India business visit is 100 % productive because

  • You arrive fully aware and prepared
  • You have meaningful and result-oriented meetings.
  • We plan your meeting schedule and accompany you to the meetings
  • We do the follow up actions after your visit too


In-Depth Market assessment & testing in an efficient & smart way

If you are a company which has decided to enter the fast growing Indian Automotive market as a supplier, you may first want to test the market & understand it in depth before investing in the full-fledged business development programme.

Our leadership team at Quanzen will be of immense value to you in this respect, due to our long & rich market experience and close working relationships at senior level in R&D and Strategic Sourcing at leading Automotive OEMs & Tier-1 companies in India.

  • We identify & connect with the right persons at your list of target customer companies
  • Because of our existing relationship & trusted position as technology evangelists in Indian market, we can present your technological strength & USP to the customers and have an open & direct discussion to understand their interest, questions & need areas related to your offering
  • We then get back to you & engage your team in understanding the customer requirement & assessing your alignment to it – for different customers and market segments in India.
  • In this way we go back & forth through face to face meetings with your target customers & discussions with your teams, evolving a clear picture about the target market for you and at the same time positioning your company in the desired way amongst your target customers in India.
  • Usually this Pro-Assess programme needs about 6 months if you have 10 target customers to engage with, across 2-3 segments.
  • We invite you to visit India for a week half way through the programme as well as at the end of the six months – to meet a few customers selectively for more in-depth technical discussions.
  • At the end of this Pro-Assess Programme, you will have obtained an in-depth understanding of your target customers & segment through actual interactions with key persons at your prospects. You would have also positioned your company in the correct way at your target customers. And most importantly, you would have tested & assessed the market in a smart & efficient way paving the way for your India Market Entry initiative to have maximum success with minimum risk.
  • We support you in devising your Go To Market strategy & plan based on the outcome & learning from the Pro-Assess programme

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No matter how complex your business questions, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver the answers you need to move forward.

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No matter how complex your business questions, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver the answers you need to move forward.

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