A windshield profile that can give any carmaker Enhanced Aesthetics and a classy look

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The Automotive industry today has come a long way from where it started about 120 years ago. Since then, there have been extreme changes in the vehicles we see today with complete focus on vehicle aesthetics, performance, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Passenger cars have undergone many changes, most of them accounting to the Visual aspect. Every vehicle buyer today, looks for a feature filled car, with the best looks, Aesthetics and Ergonomics. This makes it difficult for any Carmaker to constantly improve their vehicles in terms of looks and style, to get an advantage over their competitors. Carmakers usually go for Facelifts, and limited-edition models to help their case, but this process can get tedious, time-consuming and required effort.

Hence, Carmakers are always on the lookout for systems and components what can help them improve their vehicles visually while also making their car perform better. Elkamet Kunststofftechnik GmbH based in Germany, provides Patented Windshield bottom Profiles for Passenger Cars which can give any vehicle a Classy and Upmarket look, similar to what is seen in Premium cars such as Jaguar, BMW, Audi and Volkswagen.

Enhanced Aesthetics and Aerodynamics: Once integrated, this special profile can directly and indirectly eliminate multiple woes and benefit in many ways. It fits at the bottom edge of the windshield, specially designed to conform exactly to the curvature and shape of the windshield. A strong adhesive tape which comes with the profile, which is manually adhered to the Windshield, by the Glass Maker. The water management cowl ‘click’ locks positively in the profile. After complete fitment, the profile is almost invisible between the smooth flowing line from the windshield, cowl and the bonnet.

This gives the assembly of the windshield with the cowl and Body in white, a clean and flush look while also improving the airflow directly coming from the front. Thus the Elkamet profile, allows the Carmaker to recede the Windshield under the bonnet. This gives any person viewing the car from the front, a straight windshield flowing down to the bonnet, with no or less obstructions. This is highly responsible for improving the Aerodynamics of the Vehicle as well since the Airflow is directly allowed to pass with no obstacles.

Clean Windshield assembly look: The conventional Windshield assembly over time, looks white with gathering of Dust and Dirt between the windshield and the Cowl. This not only looks bad in a few years, but also reduces the life of the Windshield, and damages the NVH characteristics. Implementation of an Elkamet profile, can eliminate this dirt and dust settling between the Windshield and the cowl, and thus does not allow the white. This gives the vehicle a clean look throughout the life of the car.

Thus, the Elkamet profile fitted to the Windshield, can give any Carmaker, the ability to achieve a Premium look. Not only does this Profile improve Aesthetics and Aerodynamics, but also the reduces the weight of the car, improves pedestrian safety and possibly reduce the cost of the vehicle by reducing the cost of the Windshield assembly. For more details, contact prashant@quanzen.com

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